While navigating New York City can be daunting for visitors and locals alike, we hope the information contained here will make your travel to, from, and around the Big Apple as painless as possible.

  • Our neighborhood

    Our wedding will take place in Manhattan's NoLita neighborhood [map] (North of Little Italy). As its name would suggest, it is north of Little Italy, west of the Lower East Side, east of SoHo, and south of NYU and Greenwich Village.

  • Getting to our neighborhood

    Because The Nolitan Hotel (30 Kenmare Street), the Gatsby Hotel (135 East Houston Street), and the Comfort Inn Manhattan Bridge (61-63 Chrystie Street) are two, seven, and eight minute walks, respectively, from our venue, PUBLIC Restaurant (210 Elizabeth Street), we are consolidating these directions and using PUBLIC as our point of reference.


    • From LaGuardia Airport
      • Cabs: This is the easiest way [map] to get into Manhattan (for your reference, LaGuardia is in Queens). Once you collect your bags, follow signs for Ground Transportation Information or Taxis:

        After that, you'll get in the taxi stand line:

        For more information, please click here. Your cab fare should be $32-$37.
      • Car service: We've used Dial-7 and Carmel. Usually, they'll ask you to call them once you've landed.
      • Private bus: Click here for more information; this will typically cost $13.
      • Public transportation: While we don't recommend it, you may take the Q70 to midtown Manhattan.
    • From Newark Airport
      • Cabs: Taking a cab from Newark Airport can be expensive and can cost as much as $75 to get to lower Manhattan. For more information, click here.
      • Airtran/New Jersey Transit: There is a relatively convenient train from Newark Airport to New York Penn Station (note: there is also a Newark Penn Station - don't let that confuse you). Essentially, it's a two step process: 1) take the Airtran from your terminal out of the airport, then 2) take New Jersey Transit to New York Penn Station. More information can be found here; once you arrive in Penn Station in Manhattan, we recommend taking a cab to your hotel.
    • From JFK Airport
  • Moving around in NYC

    • Subways
      • Besides walking, subways are the best way to get around New York. The 4-5-6 (Green), N-Q-R (Yellow), and B-D-F-M (Orange) lines (within the yellow box below) will take you in and out of NoLita. Nearby stations (with trains in brackets) include Broadway-Lafayette Street [B, D, F, M], Prince Street [N, R], Spring Street [6], Bowery [J, Z], and Second Avenue [F] (additionally, Grand Street [B,D] is near the Comfort Inn). We recommend downloading a New York subway map app on your smart phone (in fact, there are a whole host of apps that can come in handy while visiting NYC); additionally, HopStop is a great tool to plan a trip within the city.

    • Buses
      • It's particularly useful to catch a bus when subways are less convenient (e.g., across Central Park from the Upper East Side to the Upper West Side). You can use your MTA card on city buses - more information can be found here.
    • Cabs
      • Hailing cabs is easy in NYC - just stand on the sidewalk and reach your arm out in the street. All cabs take cash or credit cards (if your cabbie claims his/her machine is "broken," he/she is lying to you - know that can always pay with a credit card, threaten to report him/her to the Taxi Cab Commission, but carry cash if you want to avoid a fight). One of the best places to catch cabs is at the BP on the corner of Lafayette and Houston [map], especially when their shifts end at 4pm. Finally, note that a cab's roof lights will indicate if it is picking up new fares. You can hail a cab that has its numbers illuminated:

    • Other (rickshaws, etc.)
      • Avoid these (they're often found in Midtown or other tourist areas, like Columbus Circle).
  • Going home

    For the most part, you can simply reverse the directions you used to get into Manhattan. To get to both LaGuardia and JFK, you may hail a cab on the street. Note, however: if you're traveling during a busy time (or if it's raining), it might make sense to call a car service (linked above) to come pick you up.

Our Wedding Day!