Wedding Party

Maid of Honor

  • Maid of Honor

    Dr. Lindsey Fox

    Also hailing from Staten Island, Lindsey Fox is, we're told, excited to earn both a brother and a medical degree in short succession. Lindsey shares Jenny's appreciation for strange, Swedish art house music, scented candles, and their mother's sublime brisket. Her gentle disposition will make her a caring doctor, though Lindsey is liable to be bullied by her newly-acquired, older, and meaner sibling. For what it's worth, Dan pledges to limit her future noogies to one rubbing a day. You're welcome, Dr. Fox.

Best Man

  • Best Man

    Dr. Aaron Huser

    This photo illustrates everything there is to know about Dr. Aaron Huser: (a) he enjoys scuba diving in Cancun, (b) he wears shirts that are three sizes too big, and (c) his best friend can totally pull off a rope belt. In all seriousness, Aaron has been Dan's best friend since the day he was born, and we're honored he's celebrating with us. Aaron is, quite simply, the best man Dan has ever known.

Dog of Honor

  • Dog of Honor

    Dr. Willa Fox Tierney

    We adopted little Willa in July, 2013, and she's been just about the best thing in our lives ever since. It's unclear in what science or medicine she earned her doctorate (love, we presume).

Our Wedding Day!